Christopher Haddow

Christopher Haddow is a Glasgow-born guitarist and composer. From his home studio in the village of Chalford near Stroud, Haddow experiments with guitar, field recordings, and tape loops. His style explores the ethereal sounds of lap steel guitar and the intricate textures of open-tuned primitive guitar. 

From a young age Haddow was drawn to Americana, Folk, and artists like John Fahey. Encouraged by his father’s passion for music and records, Haddow taught himself the guitar and spent his teenage years in various bands.

His first significant venture was as lead guitarist in the much missed surf new wave band Paper Planes. He dabbled in the psychedelic avant-garde with Eugene Tombs and is currently a member of Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers; with contributions across three albums and a collaboration of 10 years with their frontman Jacob Lovatt.

Now, Haddow steps into the solo spotlight. His minimal, layered approach combines organic soundscapes with spontaneous improvisations, embracing unpredictability to craft a tapestry of sound rich in emotional depth, transforming momentary feelings into permanent documents.